tom pesto melt by truck

Souper Club

Join our Salad Days program and receive a large entree size salad and healthy snack each week.

Join colleagues or neighbors and order 5 or more and you get FREE delivery each week!

Email us at info@theorganicgypsy.com with questions or to schedule your delivery.

$60 for 4 Weeks of 1 entree sized salad and 1 healthy snack

Let Us Cook You Dinner

We cater meals for individuals and families weekly. Typically delivery schedules are Monday and Wednesday. Let us know your dietary preferences (hate broccoli, gluten sensitive, vegetarian, love chicken, etc). Click for more details.

Fermented Foods Rule

Join us every fall for a Fermented Foods CSA and enjoy our kimchi, pickled radish, and sauerkraut!

I’m definitely hiring the Organic Gypsy for any private parties I have in the future

I have had many of the Organic Gypsy’s culinary triumphs, and I can tell you that these reviews are all right on the money. Not only is Bridgett an amazing chef, she really cares about what she’s doing and takes more pride in her food than any restaurateur I’ve ever met. Her ingredients are of unbelievable quality, and her food tastes incredible, especially given the fact that it’s so healthy and wholesome. I lived in San Francisco for a couple years, in the heart of the food truck scene, and the Organic Gypsy is on par or better than most of what I’ve ever had from any restaurant out there, let alone a truck. It’s so awesome to have a food truck culture finally starting to emerge in Michigan! Bridgett really understands the wealth and variety of food agriculture here in Michigan, and her menu items are always super creative while maintaining a comfort food kind of taste. Try any of her melts or open faced sandwiches to see what I’m talking about. Her offering of gluten-free and vegan options is mind-blowing too, and it’s something that many restaurants and food trucks aren’t doing yet. I’m definitely hiring the Organic Gypsy for any private parties I have in the future… Mariah F

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